Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Greenland welcomes us with brilliant sunshine

Greenland welcomes us in Kangerlussuaq with brilliant sunshine and some nice clouds in the sky.  This weather is typical for Kangerlussuaq as is lies far inland and has a somehow continental climate. That is the reason it became the biggest Airport in Greenland. 
Our luggage is taken into a container and transported to the Harbour. The  passengers follow in buses and the Polar circle boats bring them onbord.
The planned schedule is a little bit out of order as the flight from Copenhagen has some hours delay. The last passengers arrive around 6.oo pm and soon after being in their cabins they have to participate in the mandatory safety drill.

Finally they can enjoy their first dinner onbord the Fram and after dinner the splendid scenery of the Söndre  Stromfjord with high cliffs build up by old Precambrian rocks cut by basaltic dykes and nicely polished by glaciers during the Ice Age.

Later we pass by glaciers coming down in their valleys.