Thursday 25 June 2015

Arctic Circle and baptism in Sisimiut

In the morning the Fram was still on her way to Sisimiut. The weather changed. It is now overcast sometimes a little bit of rain and quite colder than yesterday when she left Kangerlussuaq.
After breakfast there were talks about our route, optional excursions and AECO and Safety instructions.
At about 10.30 am  Neptune visit our ship to baptise all, who cross the arctic circle for the first time. Fram crossed the arctic circle during the night.
Most of our passengers have an early lunch as the activities began already at 11.30 am.
First of all the boat trips to Assaqutaq started, followed by the hikers to the Palasip Qaqqaa.
Next are the participants of the two City Tours by bus.
Only the passengers who like to make knowledge with the Taste of Greenland do not need to hurry because they will be well supplied with greenlandic food.
After all these activities the Welcome dinner onboard is very much appreciated.

At the end of this day the Captain welcome all passengers and introduces his staff also the expedition staff.
Sledge dog puppy in Sisimiut

Art and crafts workshop nearby the harbour 

Kayak demonstration by Emaanooraq, the champion in kayak rolls in Sisimiut