Sunday 21 June 2015

A message from Malena

June 21 is not only the longest day but also Greenland’s national day. We woke up to a beautiful early morning with icebergs and sun where the excursions started for the first Ice cruising. It was a magnificent morning to start visiting Ilulissat and celebrate the National day.

 There were kayak demonstration by the Zion’s church, choir singing and Greenlandic dance show with national costumes, which can be very emotional because they put all the emotions into words remembering the loved ones too in the choir singing and in the polka dance they show all the dance moves and happiness!

 During the hike to Sermermiut (UNESCO world Heritage site 2004) we saw the local cooking outside with friends and family, which is very common to do in Greenland with very tasty food, and the smoke from the firewood smelled nice and it looked so cozy.  

Story telling about old Greenlandic fables, drum dancing and mask dancing was a perfect way to end the day onboard to express the Greenlandic traditions to everyone.

I had so many experiences in so little time here onboard as a trainee. The Expedition team members are amazing and so helpful to every single one onboard.  This trip or summer could not be better with HURTIGRUTEN FRAM!
I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

/ Malena Martens