Sunday, 28 June 2015

Village and unlimited visibility

Yesterday we thought that it could not be better but, today we realise that it can be better. The weather is perfect with blue sky and some clouds. The waters around Uummannaq was full of Icebergs in all sizes and surrounded by steep cliffs and high mountains.
The bright morning sun illuminates the whole scenery.
We arrive at 10.00 and start the shuttle with our Polar Circle Boats to bring our passengers into the settlement.
At 11.00 the passengers taking to the Talk with the Local People are set ashore.
After lunch we start the first the boat excursion to Qilakitsoq and the ice cruising. Then the Hike to Santa's Cabin follows. This cabin was build by the Danish Television for a Christmas series about Santa for children. Unfortunately inside the hut was not tidy and had destroyed part of the interior of the hut.
At 16.30 everybody is back on the ship and we leave Uummannaq for our destination for the evening Ukkusissat.
Before Fram arrives to Ukkusissat we had to struggle through a large icefield filled with small icebergs and lots of crashed ice and mixed with relics of sea ice from the last winter. It took its time but it is a spectacular happening to see the Fram moving slowly and carefully through the ice illuminated by the brilliant evening sun. We arrived at 19.45 and some villagers of all different ages come on board to Fram for a lively “modern” singing and traditional dancing presentation. At the end some passengers are also involved in dancing.

This interesting day ends with a short visit of the Village and the exciting struggle back through the ice which our Captain was able to sail through. 

Here are some pictures we would like to show you some pictures of the day

Inside the turf hut in Uummannaq

A little breeze in this beautiful weather that kept mosquito's away

Local kids in Uummannaq