Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Always something happening on board a ship

Even if it’s quiet outside like today, there’s always something happening on a ship. We are sailing in the Scotia Sea towards the Antarctic Peninsula and still moving over deep, relatively unproductive waters. As a result the birds were “thin on the ground” although numbers picked up in the late afternoon.

We are now getting used to living on a ship, the rhythm of movement, the strange sounds, and we are getting to know each other. Our lecture program continued unabated- all of the presented information designed to help us get the most out of our Antarctic experience.

It is safety first on the Fram and today our crew had a safety drill which involved a simulated problem on the ship and an eventual evacuation. Practice makes perfect! During the drill all the cabin doors are marked to indicate that they have been checked and no one is inside.

Later in the afternoon, the eagerly anticipated Norwegian waffles were grilling up on deck 7 in the Panorama Lounge, under the watchful and expert eye of barman extraordinaire Dennis. Dennis is multi-talented, and as you can see here he can literally be in two places at once. In this case he is pouring some waffle batter and at the same time preparing to make a macchiato from the espresso machine.
The waffles smothered in blueberry jam and cream were scrumptious.

After our wonderful dinner, we met our Captain, Chief Engineer, and Hotel Manager for a question and answer session in the Panorama Lounge. This was a chance to ask any question we liked about the Fram and running a modern ship.