Sunday, 20 November 2011

A second message from our trainee Andrea

Well, my first trip on board MV Fram will be finished soon and I’m really glad that I will be able to visit Antarctica three times more (I will stay on board for four trips, until 4 January 2012). I have not seen enough of Antarctica. My first landing was on Half Moon Island. It’s just a small island, but this island was enough to impress me. With the polarcirkel-boats we arrived at a stoney beach and behind this, a snowy hill full with Gentoo Penguins. Some of them were directly on the beach, relaxing after swimming in the sea or cleaning themselves. To be honest, for me the landscape could have been also somewhere in the Alps: the hills and the snow. The only thing that would be missing were the penguins and the beach. But when the tripcoordinator welcomed the passengers as they landed with “Welcome to Antarctica!”, I realized where I was! I’m really here in the Antarctica. I’m one of the relatively few people in the world who has seen this amazing place in the world. It’s amazing when you are standing between all these penguins and those thoughts are running through your mind. At about 8 o’clock in the evening we were back on Board and the Expedition team asked me how my first landing in Antarctica was. I only said: “Too short!” after which they were all laughing.

The next day we went ice cruising and it was an incredible morning, because the part with the polarcirkel-boats, which bring us to the different landings is one of my favorite parts of this trip :D I saw icebergs, which were so deep in the water, that the reflection in the water was crystal-blue. Nobody can imagine this, without having seen it. In the afternoon we landed at a Chilean research station with the name Gabriel Gonzalez Videla. It was amazing! there were a few houses standing in the middle of nowhere and between them, lived the Gentoo Penguins. When the first passengers landed, we recognized that we put the red flags, which show the passengers where to go and where not, in the middle of a penguin-highway. As a result of this my duty from there on was to stop the “human traffic” when penguins wanted to pass to the other side of the colony. I felt like a traffic policewoman: “Green for the penguins, red for the humans!” Great! In the late evening we loaded goods into the polarcirkel boats and because of this I felt all the muscles in my body for the whole next day. It’s hard work here =)

In the morning we landed finally in Port Lockroy and there 5 people living for one season next to the penguin at the base. It’s so unbelievable… There was a Museum and a gift-shop; can you imagine something like this? I mean a giftshop in Antarctica where roughly nobody lives, the only guests are the passengers, who come with ships down there. The stay there was also much to short, but I know that I will return. At the moment we are in the Drake-Passage going straight to Ushuaia. We have already seen a few Orcas here, which was so amazing. The time passed so fast, but although I’m a little bit sad that it’s over I’m looking forward for the next three trips with the great Expedition team. I’m really glad to be a part of the team on board MV Fram. Here we all are!