Friday, 11 November 2011

Andrea the Fram trainee

My name is Andrea and for more or less one week I have been a trainee here on board MS FRAM. Before starting my work as a trainee of course I had a lot of images in my head, how it would be on board. And now after one week I can actually say, that everything is quite better than I could ever imagine. First of all, all the staff members are so kind to me and show me everything doesn’t matter how often they have to do it and I’m really part of the working process. Every day I learn so many things (which doesn’t really surprise me, because I’m a trainee here!). But above all, the best here are the places I get to see. So far I have only seen the Falkland Islands, but that’s enough to imagine how South Georgia or Antarctica will be. Everybody has seen “live” Penguins in the zoo, but to see them in their natural habitat is something different. It’s amazing to see them, doing whatever they always do, and this happens only 6 meters in front of me. But it’s not only the penguins. Every day when I go out on Deck 7 to get some fresh air, I see all the birds surrounding us or the dolphins which followed us all the way to the Falkland Islands. Such an internship you will never forget and it marks you for the rest of your life.