Thursday, 22 January 2015

A wonderful day in Antarctica

Cuverville Island lies beautifully in the Errera Channel, surrounded by glaciers and high mountains.
Today we had many things on the agenda; there were kayaking, boat cruising, island hiking up to the incredible view and of course, not to forget our lovely penguins on the beach posing for us.

The boat cruisers had an absolutely incredible meeting with two Antarctic Minke Whales that were coming right up to their boats, spy-hopping and modelling for the spectators. The kayakers had some fantastic meetings with Weddell and Leopard seals, on the shore we had a busy time photographing the Gentoo penguins and enjoying the view.
After a few hours, we all needed to go back to M/S Fram for lunch and our afternoon adventures. It was with happy faces that we left and we all felt that this place will stay in our thoughts for a long time.

In the afternoon we sailed in to Wilhelmina Bay and what a treat we were up for. We had to sail through wind, snow and bad visibility, but what a reward we got. The weather cleared up and a whole group of Humpback whales were there waiting for us just in front of M/S Fram. Left and right, high and low, here and there, Humpback´s everywhere. Fluking, feeding, indulging on krill and showing of in the best Humpback manner there is. We all stood on deck and the aaahhhhhh´s and the oohhhhhh´s from us were well synchronised with the shutters of our cameras going of like machineguns.
An absolutely fantastic meeting with one of the greatest of our oceans.

Later that night we sat the campers ashore in Neko Harbour for the great Amundsen experience: a night in Antarctica.