Saturday 10 January 2015

Danco and Cuverville

10 January 2015

Both Danco and Cuverville are fairly small islands surrounded by tall mountains and roaring glaciers. In the waters around the islands it is like an art exhibition of ice sculptures. Fantastic sculptures of ice in thousand shades of blue.

Both places lucky kayakers could enjoy circumnavigation of the islands. Kayaking in this area is as good as it gets. In the kayak we really get close to nature and move in total silence between the icebergs. It is a magical experience that leaves a big smile on your face and long lasting memories in your heart.

It was also a perfect day for cruising in polarcircel boats and enjoying the good life of summer in Antarctica. The weather we are experiencing this trip is just amazing. The sun is shining almost 24 hours a day and there is no wind in the air. Rare luxury in these waters.

To top of a perfect day 18 campers spent the night outside in the short Antarctic night. They tell tales of hunting Leaopard seal along the shoreline and calving glaciers. When you are camping in Antarctica sleeping is not the first priority.