Thursday, 1 January 2015

Our last landings in Antarctica

On Thursday morning Fram arrived at Almirante Brown for the second continental landing of this trip. Passengers were brought ashore with the zodiac boats to have a look at the station and the Gentoo penguins. Two viewing points were set up to enjoy the view of the surrounding area. One went all the way up to a high hill allowing everyone to enjoy a breathtaking view before sliding down on the snow slide. Many went back up for a second or third slide down. As opposed to some of the previous slides we had on other landings, this slide had a few twists and turns making it even more exiting.

Our passengers were also able to join the cruising in the zodiacs, that took them far into the bay along the immense glaciers and icebergs. The kayak trip was once again a great success. It is the perfect way to experience Antarctica from a unique perspective.

On the way back to the ship, we brought everyone on a little cruise with the zodiacs around the corner to see nesting Cormorants (blue-eyed shags).

In the afternoon we visited Port Lockroy. This British base is the perfect place for visitors to get some souvenirs, send postcards and visit the museum. On top of this, we were able to see Gentoo penguins with chicks from upclose. There was one rock just in front of the main building, on which 3 penguin couples were nesting. One was sitting on the nest while 2 others kept stealing its stones for their own nests. It was a very entertaining scene to watch but we couldn't help but feeling a little bad for that Gentoo.

In the evening we enjoyed the view of hundred of picturesque icebergs in the company of humpback and minke whales. Our Musician Myles played piano and sang songs for the guests the entire evening in the Observation Lounge.