Tuesday 28 July 2015

A windy day in Hornsund and Burgerbukta

We arrived early morning to the entrance of Hornsund. The weather was not the best, with wind reaching moments of over 30 m/s and of course it was accompanied by some rain.  However, it was decided to explore further down the fjords to see if there was a place protected by the wind and lucky us we found that our afternoon landing site Burgerbukta was ok for a landing.  We went ahead and we did it. Some of us went for a glacier walk on Kvalfangerbreen glacier and the rest did a panoramic walk up to a moraine, and then down to the beach. Most of the late morning the weather was on our side but toward the early part of the afternoon rain, snow and ice came down in the company of some winds.

After lunch, since the weather was not the best for a landing, we decided to go inside the fjord for a scenery tour and have a closer view of some of the multiple glaciers that occur at the fjord end. The weather did improve a little when we were inside the fjord systems, but on our way out it was very windy, and the winds were reaching the force of a heavy storm we were not able to land, but instead, some lectures were offered.  The day ended with the famous MV Fram crew show.