Tuesday 14 July 2015

Boarding in Reykjavik

We came to the FRAM carrying 17 different passport. Some of us had short flights and only a few hours of time changes, while others traveled more than half around the globe and had more time changes than we could count.

Overcast skies and light rain greeted us at the dock. Onboard the FRAM we signed in and received our room assignments and keys. Once we located our rooms and found our luggage outside the room our anxiety started to diminish and fatigue set in. But we made it to the mandatory safety drill and dinner and the Captains “Welcome Aboard” ceremony where the Captain introduced the ships principal department heads. 
After that the Hotel Manager discussed several procedures to insure a healthy and trouble-free trip and the Expedition Staff Leader presented her staff and discussed how they will take us ashore at various locations, keep an eye on our safety and on sea-days the Expedition Staff provide numerous lectures largely stressing “Climate Change” as that is the title of this trip from Reykjavik to Longyearben in Spitsbergen.