Tuesday 7 July 2015

Colorful Nuuk

Nuuk is the Capital and the largest city in Greenland. With over 16K or 16,000 inhabitants it is more than three times as large as the second largest town Sisimuit which has just over 5,000 population. In addition to being the seat of government Nuuk has it all.
Nuuk sits on very old Archean rocks, perhaps 3800 to 2500 million years old. But the present town of Nuuk is anything but old. It is a modern city.
For example the port is bursting and a new port facility is under construction. In town there is a large, new shopping mall that could be a replica of any shopping mall found in Europe or the Americas. At the supermarket the groceries, fresh produce and the meat/fish sections have every item imaginable.
Many people enjoyed their time at the National Museum and though a bit out of the way the Nuuk Art Museum is outstanding. The museum collection has exquisite carvings and painting of Greenland scenes, some painted in the late 1800’s and others that are more modern.
Our fine weather continued and that made it very pleasant for us to enjoy our walks in Nuuk. But a person has to be careful in Nuuk and pay attention to traffic as there are so many more cars here than in the villages we have visited on our way south.