Tuesday 14 July 2015


BLOG-12, 13 & 14 JULY 2015

This blog is a summary of our 2 day travels in Denmark Strait as we continued our crossing  from Southern Greenland to Iceland and our arrival in Iceland.

Our sea days on the 12th and 13th were additional catch-up” days. Along the Greenland Coast we commonly had both a morning and afternoon visits to the local villages and historic sites. During the 2 days of our transit across Denmark Strait to Iceland our days were filled with lectures and bridge visits.
Lectures covered whales and seals and ice and geology. On the bridge the ships officers explained the ships engine power system and the ships desalinization system as this last system provides more than adequate amounts of fresh water for the galley the laundry and showers and more than enough for all 209 of us plus the ship’s crew and the Expedition Staff.

The evening of the 12th we were treated by the ship’s crew to their Crew Show. Both the passengers and the Expedition Staff truly appreciated these wonderful shows and to be honest we have no idea how and when the crew members find time to practice for this show. The crew members are always working whether on-deck, in the restaurant or driving our Polarcirkle boats.

On the afternoon of the 13th we all gathered in the Observation Lounge to have the Captain’s Farewell cocktail. This event was two directional as not only did the Captain and crew sing and wish us a safe ride home. In return we all applauded and wished the Captain well, as this trip completes his duty onboard the FRAM and he is retiring on our arrival in Reykjavik. After the good-by and retirement ceremony the FRAM charity auction was held. The ships flag, the
navigation chart and the Captains personal notes were on the auction block. The bidding was competitive and they went to happy passengers and the funds raised went to the Charity Fund for Greenland Children.  

Later in the afternoon we arrived in Grundarfjordor. There was slight sprinkles of rain but this did not deter our walking, exploring and touring. This was the first cloudy and rain we have had on this nearly perfect weather trip. The evening of the 13th was a quiet one as everyone retreated to their cabin to pack their clothes and purchased goodies for the flight home.

During the night of the 13th the FRAM motored from Grundarfjordor to Reykjavik and we expect to dock at 0800 or 8am and be on our way home.