Wednesday 1 July 2015

City of the icebergs

The day started like all the other days before, with very nice weather; nearly without any wind, morning temperature at 10° C, sunny and a little bit overcast. The Fram succeeds to come close to Ilulissat in spite of a lot of icebergs off the coast of the town.
The weather is a good beginning for all the activities we have planned for Ilulissat during the whole day.

Continues boat trips to the Ilulissat Ice Fjord from 8.15 am to 17.00 with local boats and local drivers and guides.
A hike to Sermermiut to the edge of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord (duration 3 hours, morning and afternoon)
Another hike to Holms Bakke (duration 4 – 5 hours during the morning)
A guided city walk (duration 2 hours during the morning)
A spectacular helicopter flight to the glacier front of the Ilulissat Glacier (duration 2 hours, morning and afternoon)

Beside all these activities we had continues shuttle service from the ship to the pier of the town. Every passenger had the opportunity to visit the town, the church, the museum, the market and all they wanted to visit.

At 18.00 the last Polar Circle boat was leaving the landing site and half an hour later Fram departs Ilulissat and sails slowly and carefully through the ice to reach open waters to continue our way further south to Itilleq.
Finally at 22.00 the crew of Fram invites all of us for their famous and incredible MV FRAM Crewshow!