Sunday 16 December 2012

Drake Lake, part II

Yes: we are experiencing a very calm Drake Passage on the way back to Ushuaia, which is something we are all enjoying. An easy sea day gives us the opportunity to recapitulate the adventures we've just had, to organise our photographs, maybe scribble down some thoughts in a note or travel book, to arrange things in our cabins; and most importantly, gives us the time to allow our minds and bodies to readapt to normal life, after having been to the end of the world...

During the day, passengers had agreeable distractions, such as a tour to the bridge, where Captain Rune Andreassen explained to them how a modern ship such as MV Fram works; or they learnt some new facts during the various lectures offered this day; and, of course, enjoyed the very many and delicious dishes that the galley crew commanded by Chef Johansen prepared and temptingly displayed in the dining hall!

In short, we all enjoyed a calm day to unwind.

But then, late in the afternoon there was Simon’s excited voice again on the speakers: “Whales ahead! At least a dozen if not more. Finwhales!”

Lots of the passengers rushed out on deck 5. And it was Simon’s even more enthusiastic voice announcing: “And there is a blue whale with them!”

During the night to Sunday we crossed the Antarctic convergence northward, heading for Cape Hoorn. The day was filled with more lectures, one of them in specific preparing for our climate discussion in the afternoon. This discussion round with the passengers is one of the favorite meetings onboard.

Later after the discussion we passed by the cape, which is always an exciting moment for all of us and also showing that the trip’s end and time to say good bye are very close.