Saturday, 8 December 2012

Harbour Day

Today we entered Ushuaia again, to finish the one trip and start with the new one.

In town we stumbled over summer impressions and thousands of petrified penguins in the numerous souvenir shops. One group of them, almost looking like a frozen choir, was obviously dreaming of more species-friendly conditions.

When we were on our way back to Fram they somehow managed to follow us. Not a surprise, of all it is FRAM that is linked most with Antarctica.

When a dull gull around the ship became aware of what was going on it started flashing white and red as if to warn us. Our famous birder in the team managed to document this extraordinary behavior, just in the right moment that you can witness the gull in front of the red band on Fram’s hull.

Since we all love penguins we just shook our heads about that flashing bird. It just fled and did the same about us.

Looks like the frozen choir made it onboard and we all received a very warm and friendly farewell for this unique expedition.