Wednesday 5 December 2012

Volcano hike, whaling history and birders delight.

I wont use the "p-word" again, although it still feels like being there. Our visits to Whaler's Bay, inside of Deception Island, and Half Moon Island were a great mixture for our last day with landings on this trip. In Whaler's Bay one part of the passengers visited the old whaling station.
Another group went on a hike from Whaler's Bay across the ridge of the volcano crater towards Baily Head at the long straight Costa Recta on the Northern side of the island. Some snow was drifting in a strong wind. A slide downhill took us close to the Chinstrap penguin rookery. All in all a real Antarctic experience. Same had the penguins. Some of them were covered with snow or even a thin layer of ice, while they were still breeding their eggs.

The second landing in the afternoon was on Half Moon Island where the sun and more Chinstrap penguins were welcoming us.

Enjoy the photographs and have your own impression. I should add that the "p" is not related to today's penguins but more to the feeling to be at the right place, as all the previous days of this trip to paradise.