Saturday 22 December 2012

Scotia Sea

After having enjoyed the natural beauties of the Falklands/Malvinas, both animate and inanimate, we started our long, watery journey towards our next destination: South Georgia, the jewel of the South.

And it is not just the distance we have to cover: within the next two days, we will also step across the Polar Front and hence into the realm of Antarctica.

For this reason, we started some preparations on board Fram. To begin with, our guests attended the mandatory IAATO briefings on do’s and don’ts in Antarctica. Later, we vacuumed all the gear we plan to bring ashore, to reduce the risk of unintentionally introducing invasive species, particularly plants in the form of seeds. Finally, all the lectures offered were all pointing in the same direction: the fantastic trip we have ahead, with wonderful landscapes and the ever exciting possibility of spotting wildlife from close range!

In quiet anticipation, our guests enjoyed a couple of relatively easy days and are now eagerly awaiting South Georgia.