Saturday 4 January 2014

An Interesting Day In Ushuaia

The weather was very typical for a summer day in the southern most city in the world.  A little cold.  Very windy.  A little rainy, and a little sunny.
Most of our guests arrived in Ushuaia on a charter flight from Buenos Aires which landed at approximately 12:30.
Some people chose to go on an excursion to the national park while others chose to explore Ushuaia and have lunch on their own.
By 16:00 everyone had made their way to Fram and were eagerly awaiting departure.
We had a mandatory safety drill and later in the evening we met in the Observation Lounge for a very interesting speech from the Captain and a welcome cocktail.

Left to right: our nurse. Massiel and our Doctor, Milixa.

This is Nestor one of our excelent dining room staff

Meet Rodaniel part of our hard working house keeping team.