Sunday 26 January 2014

Passing the magic circle!

This morning we passed the Antarctic polar circle! After passing the circle we got a royal visit of King Neptune himself. All the passengers, and some of the crew, were welcomed to his Kingdom by a baptism on the outside deck. It was a cold welcome!

After lunch we had planned a landing on Detaille Island. Unfortunately, due to wind, we could not go through with our plan. The landing was cancelled and Fram headed south. We had an amazing view while we were breaking our way through slush and ice, incredible icebergs and seals surrounded us, and the sun managed to break through the clouds.

During the day a lot of Snow Petrels could be spotted from the boat.

Tomorrow we will arrive at Marguerite Bay- the most southern point a cruise ship has been this season. We are wondering how the ice conditions will be when we get there.