Friday 10 January 2014

Neko Harbour and Port Lockroy

Neko Harbor Glacier
We started our landing operations at Neko Harbour at 09:00.  There was a lot going on this morning with kayaking, Polar Cirkel boat cruising and our first and only continent landing.
We landed on a nice sandy beach.  Right beside the landing site were three Weddell Seals.  We were able to walk up to a nice overview of the Gentoo colony.  Many people opted to walk on top of a snow-covered ice field where they had a great view of Fram far below, a striking glacier face and beautiful Neko Harbour.  

Weddell Seal Neko Harbor
The conditions were great for bum-sliding in the snow.  Peals of laughter and shouts of glee could periodically be heard over the calling penguins as people slid on their backsides down a large snow-covered hill.

Those that went cruising had an extremely exciting trip.  They saw Humpback and Minke Whales and several Weddell Seals.  There were also lots of icebergs to cruise by and thick brash ice to cruise through. 

At Port Lockroy
In the afternoon we made our final stop in Antarctica at Port Lockroy.  Port Lockroy has a museum and gift shop that is operated by the British Antarctic Heritage Trust.  It also has a large colony of Gentoo Penguins.  It was easy to observe penguins with chicks and many penguins still with eggs.

Gentoo Penguin feet!
Just about everyone visited the museum and gift shop.  The proceeds from the gift shop support the museum and other British antarctic Heritage Trust concerns in Antarctica.

Snowy Sheathbills, Port Lockroy