Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

We started the last day of the year at the bottom of the planet. The morning greeted us with the beautiful Errara Channel which was filled with majestic ice bergs that had calved from the surrounding glaciers. We had Gentoo penguins modelling for us and welcoming us at the beach on Danco Island. On the top of the hill we had a stunning view over the Errera Channel.
After this great outing we enjoyed yet another sumptuous breakfast in the spacious restaurant.

Neko Harbour penetrates deep into the Antarctic Peninsula and its beautifully surrounded on all sides by the mountains and the alpine glaciers.
This was our first landing on the Antarctic mainland and for some of us it was the last continent to set foot on, what a fantastic feeling.
We hiked up to the penguin rookery and had an amazing view over Andvord Bay.
On the top we created a slide and most of us had a skid down the slope, yelling of excitement, or maybe it was from the snow stuck under our clothes.

In the evening we went back to Danco Island and sat the overnight campers ashore, which was a very special camping indeed. They were to celebrate New Years Eve camping in Antarctica…, what a thing!

After the New Year Eve Buffet on M/S Fram, we all gathered in the Sky lounge to count in the New Year. We danced and cheered until we were all exhausted and when we were all done, it was 2105 already.

                   A Happy New Year to the world!