Saturday 4 December 2010

Coming and going

That's how you could describe this our busy "turn-around" day in Ushuaia. We arrived in the most southerly city in the world early this morning, after picking up a pilot the evening before. Our passengers said their goodbyes starting at 0645h and by 0830h, all had left the ship and went on to their next life adventure. Then, like busy bees, the crew, officers and expedition staff made ready the Fram for another voyage to start this evening.

Ushuaia is a stunning place in any weather, with the backdrop of the Andes mountains behind and the Beagle Channel in front. We all feel lucky to be here. Our new passengers flew in from Buenos Aires and had some time to appreciate this place before boarding the vessel. Ushuaia is now THE starting point for Antarctic cruising.

Once on board, passengers acquainted themselves with the Fram, and were given their all important expedition jackets. These are not just beautifully bright blue jackets, and a great souvenir of our trip, but also very handy to have when exposed to the wet and windy conditions that we can encounter in these latitudes.

After setting sail, passengers attended a mandatory safety drill on the cold outside decks; and were later treated to a glass of champagne, to welcome them on board and to make them regain their internal heat. So, cruising along the scenic Beagle Channel, we begin our voyage with great expectations.