Saturday 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas from the Scotia Sea!

Our day started with overcast skies. The extremely good news was that there was not much wind. A gentle swell imbued a lazy roll to Fram as we steadily plied our way south east towards the South Orkney Islands. 

This has been a nice smooth ride.  Those of us that traverse the southern ocean on a semi-regular basis know that it can be much worse.  Today it’s rough enough that you know you are on the southern ocean and yet smooth enough where you’re not apt to spill your drink.  That's important.

It has been a wonderfully relaxing Christmas day. There is a serene yet festive atmosphere on board.  The ship has been tastefully decorated and seasonal  music is quietly playing in the background.  Everywhere you look there are signs of Christmas! There were plenty of things to keep you occupied.  The lecture halls were busy throughout the day.  Some people chose to go to the gym or spend time in Jacuzzi and still others found a quiet spot in the Observation lounge to read or just watch the ocean roll by. 

In the morning, several people were lucky enough to be on deck to see Christmas  Fin whales!   
It was also an outstanding day for bird watching.  Some of the most magnificent flying birds in the world soared around the ship throughout the day including 3 species of albatross; Wandering, Royal, and Black-browed. Other sea birds sighted included; Cape Petrels, Wilsons Storm Petrels, Black-bellied Storm Petrels, Antarctic Prions, Blue Petrels and White-chinned Petrels.

Tonight we are all looking forward to a quiz that the expedition team has prepared.  It should be lots of fun!!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!