Sunday 19 December 2010

The Southern Giant Petrel Sea

The whole day we sailed the Scotia Sea, which today showed its quiet side: gentle breezes and soft waves carried us on our journey towards the Falkland/Malvinas Islands.

And you could be forgiven for thinking this stretch of water was called the Southern Giant Petrel Sea, because we were followed by a seemingly unending stream of these imposing birds for most of the day. 

This just happened to coincide with the photography and birdwatching session we had planned after lunch, so we could not have asked for more, really. In fact the entire day was good for bird watching.  We also saw Antarctic prions, Wilson's storm petrels, a regal wandering albatross, many black-browed albatross, cape petrels, white-chinned petrels and a greater shearwater.

Today we also started with our lecture series, which gave our passengers general information about the history, geology and biology of our planned destinations on this cruise - and so we hope, whet their appetites for them!