Tuesday 21 December 2010

Scotia Sea

Yesterday, the prospect for today’s sailing looked a bit grim: our itinerary pointed us directly into a big low pressure zone, which usually means high winds and waves. And both we had today aplenty – but we were lucky, because both came from astern, making the ship roll gently all day long. And with the wind pushing us from behind, we rode the wind, albatross-like, making very good headway at a very respectable 14 knots.
Gently-rolling seas also meant that most of our passengers enjoyed a comfortable, queasiness-free time on board, and lectures were very well attended – something lecturers like a great deal.

Although our chef and cooks in the galley are used to all kinds of seas, a calm sailing is a welcome thing - which today was put to good uses: to start preparing the delicious dishes and desserts they will offer us all for our Christmas festivities. Both our Expedition leader and Hotel manager were caught in the festive mood, and helped a bit in the cookie-cutting activities - yummy!