Friday 21 January 2011

The Adventure Begins

What an exciting day! True, we had to get up terribly early to catch our flight to Ushuaia, but once we were here we were met by glorious weather and we spent the day in and around this ever growing outpost in Patagonia. We were greeted by the first penguins, albeit on a weather pole, who reminded us that we would be going South soon to an area where only a few select are privileged to go: Antarctica - and there the Weddell Sea, which is truely one of the last frontiers in modern tourism. .... But, first things first: in the early afternoon we finally reached our vessel; there she was in the harbour and the sun reflected her name beautifully in the calm waters. Suddenly many things had to be done: check-in, the opening of the cruise account, handling all kinds of documentation, and of course collecting the jackets for our expedition: all these things took some time, but none of it was tedious due to the good nature of the friendly crew, staff, and passengers.

We are on our way already, sailing in the Beagle Channel towards open waters and the weatherforecast for tomorrow is good, so we can sleep quietly and soundly and dream of our great adventure; let's see what tomoorw will bring in the infamous Drake Passage.