Monday 31 January 2011

A Restful Day at Sea

Today Neptune was much kinder to us than yesterday. The sea was calm and we had a comfortable ride North. Some us just wiled the day away resting and dreaming about Antarctica, while others were busy with activities such as lectures, learning how to tie seamens’ knots, a charity auction, and – of course – the traditional Captain’s Dinner in the evening. Today we are taking a look behind the scenes and see a few pictures from the crew mess where our ever ready helpers spend their few hours at leisure and get new energy to serve us so cordially.

And there was the surprise about which we were hearing roumors yesterday: Fram was making good speed on the Drake during the last two days and so the Captain decided to make a beeline for Cape Horn. You might almost call it the coronation of a dream voyage. It was a privilege to see this famous landmark in the history of navigation.

It is with great sadness that we will leave Fram tomorrow morning, but we will be back eventually, either in Greenland, or Spitzbergen, in Europe, or on the beautiful coast of Norway.