Wednesday 11 January 2012

Antarctic Sound, music between the ice

With the memories of the wonderful afternoon and sunset we experienced the day before still fresh in our minds we began our new day sailing in the Bransfield Strait toward the Antarctic Sound.

This time we have to fight the tabular icebergs on our way which were impeding our transit to Paulet Island. Yes, we have no less in mind than follow the footsteps of Nordenskjold Swedish Expedition of 1902 to the very core of the big drama which took place in this tiny island. In this water their ship sank and the party found shelter amongst the huge Adelie penguin rookery.
While we could become familiar by the lectures given by Arnau of this heroic adventure of survival at the turn of the century, the scenery evoked on us a well known feeling of respect and friendliness. Uli and Jean Louis made us acquaintance with the ice and snow.
So with this combination of history and the cold wonders of the water and ice, we experienced a great afternoon landing in the volcanic island of Paulet.
Right now our very talented crew is performing their show and you imagine, nobody would like to miss it. Being so, we have no other option than say good by and see you tomorrow. Another great day will begin………