Sunday, 8 January 2012

We are in action....

Today our day started with a visit to Cuverville Island, located between the Antarctic continent and Ronge Island. From a distance we could smell our friends on the island, the gentoo penguins. Once there, we forgot about their personal perfume and were delighted by the bustling activity within their rookeries, and the accompanying cacophony of constant communication. An iceberg alley encircled the landing site transforming the approach to it, adding an additional highlight to the morning. Thousands of penguins were enjoying the beautiful morning light, going about their daily affairs, like stealing pebbles from their neighbors nest, and chasing skuas out of the rookery and so on.

After some hours of sailing through the scenic Errera Channel and Neumyer Channel we arrived at Jougla Point and Port Lockroy. The remnants of former splendid whales were laying on the beach to recreate a full skeleton of a humpback whale. Nearby nesting blue eyed cormorants added more life to the already hatched gentoo penguin chicks in the extensively extended colony. Ever watchful parents of both gentoos and cormorants were taking care with parental enthusiasm and dedication their chicks.

Port Lockroy and their friendly inhabitants – members of the Antarctic Heritage Trust - received us with great joy and showed us the well preserved details of the historic huts and surroundings. It is always a pleasure when both parties are pleased while meeting, and here this is the case. This time our contribution to the Heritage Trust only for a few days and in the form of a loan, was one of our two expedition leaders: Anja, she decided that time was ripe for a closer understanding of penguin behavior and the best way to do such, was spending some days amongst them at Port Lockroy. Here you can see her happy face while moving in. Good luck. Maybe we will see you in 10 days boss…….