Saturday 7 January 2012

Antarctica, We made it!

Here we are, officially in Antarctica after crossing the Antarctic Convergence and filled our normal daily life on board Fram with bridge visits, lectures, boots distribution and the most important: enjoying the atmosphere of this great southern ocean loaded with memories of heroic actions and dreams of wealth and glory. 
At lunchtime we encountered our first icebergs, telling us that we have come into the domain of the penguins and whales. At around 3 pm we saw our first islands, Nelson and Robert. After more than 40 hours of sailing we have succeeded in – recreating a time span of approximately 40 millions years, that’s when South America separated from Antarctica: we are now at the entrance to Antarctica, around the South Shetland Islands.
After lunch, the crucial moment arrived and we bravely attempted our first landing on Half Moon Island, under strong winds and heavy snowfall. Our faithful companions, the chinstrap penguins were eagerly awaiting to greet us. While ashore, the conditions became better and what was a stunning inhospitable landscape, transformed with sunshine, into a picture of indescribable beauty. Here, you can judge for yourself: Pictures and images from different moments a few minutes apart.

We are reminded of that popular song by Phil Collins “Another Day in Paradise”.