Sunday 22 January 2012

From Drake Lake to Drake Shake

It is almost hard to believe, the calm sea we had yesterday. Today, our crossing of the Drake was again rough and shaky. In the morning Karin announced an 8 on the Beaufort scale, but as we approached Cape Horn (which we managed to see in the distance) the waves seemed to grow bigger and bigger.
Despite the movement, we had another day packed with activities. Lectures were given on different topics including a public discussion on climate change. In the afternoon, as usual, we auctioned the sea chart of our voyage. The money raised during these auctions goes to several charities that protect the wildlife of the area, so the chart is not only a beautiful souvenir but it is also a contribution towards the conservation of the unique (sub-) Antarctic nature we have just experienced.
The Captain and all crew & staff bid farewell to our guests that will leave us tomorrow morning. We all hope that you have enjoyed this trip on board Fram, that you take unforgettable memories with you and that you have a safe journey home!