Friday 6 January 2012

Drake Passage

Today we have been sharing the habitat of the Drake Passage with magnificent Albatrosses. The sun has been friendly to us and between lectures we could go outside and take advantage of the fine weather. Our resident photographer Dom brought some of our feathery companions within touching distance with his camera.

For all of you who have been here before, and those yet to visit these latitudes, our chart on the bridge gave us the position where we were at midday. As you can see, no matter in which direction we looked, we were surrounded by water up tol 3500 m deep. This body of water is home to one of the biggest ocean currents on earth, to be more precise it holds 137 “sverdrups” or the equivalent of all the fresh water rivers of the planet in one single stream multiplied by 137. Can you imagine having to pay that water bill?
Meanwhile we continued heading south and hope that the weather and Mr. Drake behaves like a gentleman and make merits for the title he holds. At one point during this night we are going to cross the Antarctic Convergence and officially enter the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. We are keen to fell the bump while crossing the Convergence tonight, and with that we wish you a Good night.