Friday 20 January 2012

No Deception at all!

Today was our sportive day! Hiking and swimming were two major activities during Fram’s stay in the famous caldera of Deception Island.
The fittest of us started for a 4 hours hike in the morning, heading from Whalers Bay towards Baily Head at the outer part of the island, where a huge rookery of chinstrap penguins is located.

In the meantime, the remaining passengers had ample time to explore the rests of an old whaler’s station and a British base that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1969. For many of the guests this was also the opportunity to try out a swim in Antarctic waters.
After lunch the Fram repositioned and we had a second landing at an (at the moment) uninhabited Argentinean station. Another walk started in this moonlike volcanic landscape and again our final destination was a penguin colony. Some of us managed to get close to it, others enjoyed the beautiful view (and sound!) from above the ridge.
All in all it was an active last day in Antarctica!