Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dancing with a faithful Lady

We were dancing “rock’n roll”,”twist” and “cha cha cha” with our wonderful and faithful lady FRAM since we left South Georgia two days before. The wind was blowing very strong again and FRAM was rolling and pitching, and we with her. But we have to say, we love our wonderful lady and most of us have now the right seamen legs to dance with her.

During we were dancing on board different kind of birds were dancing next to our ship over the waves. It was a magnificent spectacle to watch the birds and our photographer and our ornithologists started their competition in bird photography.

We used these two days also to prepare our self for our next destination, the Antarctic Peninsula. Our lecture team offered so many different kinds of lectures and we were soaking their knowledge like a sponge. In a last briefing we learned all about the IAATO rules and we believe that we will behave now correct and carefully on our landings in Antarctica after all this information.

The evening today was more relaxed. After a nice dinner we met in the observation lounge for a fashion show. Extraordinary models – Captain, officers and expedition team – did a very good job. This event was followed directly by the fruit and ice carving show; presented by three wonderful gentlemen out of the galley. It seems that we have real good artists with us on board.

Also now in the very late evening Fram is still rolling and pitching; nobody likes to dance anymore. FRAM cradles us now in hopefully nice and deep dreams.