Friday 2 November 2012

New Year's Day

The Fram's year is split into two parts- the northern summer season in Europe and the Arctic, and the southern summer season in Antarctica. Today we started our Antarctica season and it feels a bit like the start of the new year!

Our New Year started in the harbour of Buenos Aires, capital of the Republic of Argentina. This huge, bustling, vibrant city lies on the southern shore of the Rio de la Plata or River Plate and this superlative river is our way out to the open ocean of the South Atlantic and on to the Falkland Islands and parts farther east and south.

We all had a busy day on board. Passengers left their hotel nearby and arrived at the ship in the morning. Their luggage was already being sorted and sent to their cabins. Expedition staff, crew officers were busy prepping the ship for their arrival.

We packed a lot in to the day with embarkation and settling in to our new home for the next 19 days, the mandatory safety briefing, the Captain's welcome reception and lectures in the afternoon. Oh yes we squeezed in a couple of very nice meals in there too!

For the next three days we will be at sea before we arrive at the amazing Falkland Islands. In the meantime, please come back to our blog and follow our travels in this amazing part of the world.