Thursday, 1 November 2012

The end of a great crossing

During the last days we could easily recognize that we came nearer to South America’s coastline as we got the first land birds, mosquitoes and moths, like the “Sphingidae Hawkmoth” on board. App. 12:30am we could see the first land, the lights of any town in Uruguay. From now on we will not have the view from horizon to horizon anymore; after 17 sea days a very special feeling.

Yesterday all refurbishment we had on board during the crossing has been finished. The workers on board had done a good job. Especially our Hotel Manager was “very amused” that the reconstruction of our board shop could be finished in time. It is so much bigger and nicer than before. In the morning of the 31. of October all passengers have been invited to a “Grand Opening”. As everybody got as a surprise 25% off, passengers and crew started directly with a first shopping.

Today we reached Buenos Aires in the early morning. Birds were singing their morning songs when we went alongside the pier around 7am. Now it was time to say good bye. We hope that we can welcome many of our passengers at any time for any cruise back on board.