Friday, 9 November 2012

Rocking and Rolling

Our summer holidays continue but today we have had a day of rocking and rolling. Heavy seas meant that fresh air was in short supply with access to the outside decks limited for safety reasons. With strong westerly winds pushing the ship along all day towards our next destination - South Georgia.
During the day the expedition team continued lectures on the history, geopolitics and wildlife of South Georgia preparing us for our visit. Whilst Pablo and Nacho our Vantage tour leaders gave an entertaining lecture on Gauchos and Mate.

The bird life continued to be rich and varied with lots of Wandering Albatross amongst our frequent visitors.
Having sailed almost 1500 miles from our start point in Buenos Aries most on board have found our sea legs, but some interesting walks are to be seen coping with the moving ship. As we move further east we move our clocks forward one hour tonight.