Friday, 30 November 2012

Heading South

This time the Drake Passage likes us to go southward. Just a bit of old swell is gently moving the ship and every now and then a single wave top turns white. That is how we wished it to be. Best conditions to start with our ‘onboard university’.

The lectures about Southern Ocean seabirds (John), Marine life in Antarctic waters (Rudolph), Antarctic cycles of ice and water and life (Verena) and geology (Bob and Andreas) found great interest. And of course the lecture about the original FRAM (Tessa) as well. Some got a big load of fresh air when they were out on deck 7 for bird watching with Simon and Therese.

The last set of lectures in the late afternoon about Antarctic Natural History (John) and a live-narrated documentary about the most extreme expedition carried out in the Antarctic (Andreas) had just finished when the bridge informed us that we just crossed the Antarctic Convergence. Within short time the water temperature has dropped from 5.5 degree Celsius to 1.3 degree Celsius. Welcome to Antarctica!