Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sun, fun and more sun

All the campers survived the night, most taking the scenery, wildlife and colored skies during the very short time the sun was actually below the horizon.

The camp was taken down and the campers came back on board whilst the rest of us visited Peterman Island. The rich and varied bird life kept the photographers and ornithologists busy – Gentoo and Adelie Penguins with Blue eyed Shags all sitting on eggs. The spectacular views out the distant ice berg littered ocean gave the landscape photographers plenty to keep the trigger finger exercised.

We then cruised north through the Lemaire and the lucky thirty did this in a two hour Polarcirkle boat trip. The ice made navingation tricky but luckily the Captain made a path through with the Fram and we sneaked through before the ice closed around us. Minke Whales blessed us with their presence briefly as well as the odd Crabeater seal.

Boats picked up and all back on board we headed to Port Lockroy a museum run by the Antarctic Heritage Trust showing the scientific endeavor and exploration carried out by the post war British Antarctic Explorers. The sun and fun continued with the magnificent backdrop of the Feif range and the seven sisters still with a hefty winter dusting of snow. We all supported the work of the Antarctic Heritage Trust by buying plenty of gifts and postal items in their lovely little gift shop.

To top it all off we cruised in the evening light through the Neumeyer Channel now heading north ready for tomorrows landings. If Yesterday was a Wow then today was a WOW WOW!