Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The calm after the storm!

Following a few crazy days of action (the storm) we witnessed at first hand the beauty as well as the harshness of Antarctica it was time to head north. The motion of the ocean was not as stomach churning as the way south – well at least it did not create ‘ghost ship Fram’ which meant we could all enjoy life on board.

Lectures from our some of our onboard expedition team as well as guest lectures filled our days. Sea conditions allowed us all to visit the Bridge and see the inner workings of ship operation including the all-important coffee machine. The Captain not to be outdone by the ‘chop’ or rubber stamps showed us his personal collection and these were put to good use.

Safety and security are paramount on any ship but especially one operating in such remote places. This weeks exercise drill simulated a security breach leading to an evacuation of the ship. Through exercise all the crew are well drilled and prepared for hopefully all eventualities.

Now as we approach the Beagle channel our round trip is almost complete. We have seen it all. What a trip Hao Hao.