Monday 8 April 2013

At Sea to Sark

Heading for the Channel Islands, the day started bright. A day for puzzles, lectures from the Expedition Team, postcard writing or just plain watching the sea.
Alternating with the seated dinners everyone was introduced to tomorrow’s destination, the UK Channel Islands, and safety on the Polarcirkle boats. Tendering is needed to reach shore tomorrow.
In the meantime, galley crew were unloading a large block of ice from the freezer. Carried to the Panorama Lounge, this was for Leo from the galley to carve at the Fruit and Ice Show. The man with the chisel is the only one who ever knows what subject will evolve from the block. Leo was joined by Lito making birds and flowers from fruit and vegetables, and Julius Michael modelling cake decorations in marzipan. Tonight it was a swan that emerged from the ice. Returned to the freezer the bird will feature as a decoration in the dining room tomorrow, before melting away.