Saturday, 6 April 2013

Out on the Bay of Biscay

With plenty to entertain, this was a day at sea crossing the Bay of Biscay. Dolphins joined us more than once, racing to keep up. Several main rivers of France and Spain drain into this large gulf including the Garonne, our destination for tomorrow.

Chelsea, the ship’s photographer, put her camera down to offer advice on photo technique by means of a Lecture. Other subjects for the day were the Stone Age, the birth of Gothic Architecture in Europe and the relationship between Wine and Soil.
At afternoon tea time the ever popular Waffles were made and served in the Panorama lounge. Pianist Bjorn played and it seems he soothed the waves as by the evening the sea was like a lake.

Presented after dinner this evening, and always modelled by the Officers and Expedition Team the Fashion Show of each cruise shows off the clothes and accessories found in the shop. Clarice dresses the models and fortunately amongst the styles many shapes, sizes and colours are available. Something for all – the long, the short, the skinny and the not so!