Monday 1 April 2013


Few places boast a view of two continents, but you do not even have to og to the top of the Jurassic limestone rock that constitutes Gibraltar to do just that. Africa and Europe are on opposite sides of the Strait that forms the entrance to theMediterranean Sea. Stiff breezes but beautiful warm sunshine showed off the spring wildflowers clinging to the rocks.
The best known residents of this densly populated British territory are the Barbary macaques of the upper slopes – where they are ready to amuse visitors with their antics.
In such a position to monitor the seas the first fort on Gibraltar was built by Moors. The last, major military construction the tunnels engineered by the British and Canadians during World War 2. The rock from these excavations used to create the airport runway still in use today. It may also be unique to Gibraltar that everyone can cross this tarmac by vehicle or on foot.