Thursday 18 April 2013

City to Untouched Nature

From Mount Aksla above Ålesund, the view this morning included Hurtigruten’s Vesterålen on pier. After a disastrous fire in 1904 this city was completely rebuilt in Art Noveau style. More than 320 of these buildings side by side, create a city that is completely different in architecture from the others on our cruise.
Mid morning a group left to travel overland and by local ferry to Geiranger, visting a working farm enroute. Stopping at a viewpoint high above the small community they were able to watch Fram arriving for the second stop of the day

On board, setting out on Storfjord, followed by Sunnylvsfjorden and then turning the corner into Geirangerfjord, twhere the water had become like mirror glass. As yesterday, this particular fjord landscape considered so exceptional a part of the world that it has been included on the World Heritage List.
Skageflå was last farmed in 1916. Our hikers set off by Polarcirkle to reach its front path. There is no question that it is a steep climb to this farmstead 250m above the fjord. But also that it is worth the effort.  Not just views down the fjord and across to snowcaps and waterfalls, but also beautifully reflected.