Thursday 11 April 2013


Expedition Team standby Deck 2. On this occasion not for a Polar Cirkle landing but for a photocall. A shot of the team is always included in the CD log compiled for each cruise. Thus guests can leave with a record of their journey – maps, daily programmes, nautical mileage and more.
Passing through the Straits of Dover early in the day, we continued into the North Sea. A varied schedule of subjects were presented in lectures.
Tessa led passengers on a navigation of the montage depictions of the three Polar voyages of the original Fram. These are on the Deck 4 Museum walls alongside original artefacts from her exploration, kindly loaned by the Fram Museum in Oslo.
The Captain bade farewell at his Cocktail Reception before dinner. Bjorn ready to play the night away, a chance to dance.