Sunday 14 April 2013

First Fjord of the Spring Adventure

Many were up to see a stunning dawn on Lysefjord as we cruised down and back to see both Kjerag Boulder and Preikstolen Rock – the Pearl and the Pulpit. The Kjerag Peak rises 1,000m above the water, its sides vertical. The horizontal top of the Preikstolen a sharp contrast.
The weather was kind enough till noon then not. High wind and squalls of rain dampened the look of even this brightest of places, many of the buildings are white painted, particularly those of the C17th and C18th Old Town. Undaunted, café’s attracted customers heated legs to their outdoor tables. For the Norweigan’s working on Fram, this was a chance to catch up with native news, mustard and chocolate.
Since the late 1960’s Stavanger traditional employment of fishing and shipbuilding has evolved to include many services for the oil and gas industry and the expatriates it employs. As a service port there are always some interesting specialist vessels to see, as well as having an excellent Petroleum Museum, the building designed to resemble an oil rig. With your admission you can even try out an emergency chute from the roof . That’s not mandatory!
Peter the Great, founder of St. Petersburg, recruited Stavanger born Cornelius Cruys. Tempted to the start of his 25 year service by the offer of a post as vice-admiral he emigrated to Russia in 1698 and became the Tsar’s most important naval adviser. Commanding the Russian fleet in the Baltic and masterminding the construction of Kronstadt fortress he was rewarded with the top rank of Admiral in 1721. Today, his statue stands looking to the sea.