Friday 19 April 2013

Olden in Nordfjord

The Captain hosted a bridge visit this morning and there were a couple of lectures before completing our journey down the Nordfjord.
Excursions that set out today from the pier in Olden enjoyed postcard scenes at the higher elevations. Snowy forests, mountain tops, frozen lakes and glacier views. A mix of sun, dark skies and snow as they explored. Some tried Svele - a Norweigan version of pancake. Some walked up a track to view the front of the Briksdal Glacier, an arm of the mighty Jostedals Glacier – the largest on the continent of Europe.
Karin has been teaching the skills of Hardanger embroidery, guests now getting to the final stages of a sampler.  Most would think the most difficult part is cutting the holes between threads. One slip and the entire piece is ruined. But no. Executing the fine Cable and Four-Sided stitches are even more challenging.

Pianist Bjorn has entertained many times during the voyage, but tonight he took to a different stage – with a lecture on Norway’s folk music, instruments and dances.