Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas day

This day would be packed with adventures so we got of to an early start with hikers landing at 06.50 in Mayviken. With perfect weather we had a beautiful hike over the mountain and down to Grytviken. In Grytviken there was a ceremony in the 101 year old whalers church to celebrate Christmas. After the ceremony there was plenty of time to explore the old whaling town and get a first meeting with the wildlife of South Georgia. Specially the Fur seals seem to make a big first impression.

With sun shining from blue skies and the most beautiful nature on earth to explore there was no time for rest this Christmas day. After a nice lunch back on the ship we were soon ready for landing number two: Fortuna Bay. In Fortuna Bay the guests got to hike up to a huge King penguin rookery. Here they could spend time watching the busy life of the penguin family. Is there anything cuter than a penguin baby? I think not…

For 26 brave guests the afternoon would be spent walking in the footsteps of Shackleton himself. From Worsley we made our way up to Crean Lake and continued over the mountain pass following the exact same route as Shackleton and his men did. From the top we got an amazing view down to the whaling station in Strømnes. After an exiting descent into Shackleton valley we were soon back on the Fram in time for dinner. All in all a perfect Christmas day.